No Country for Old Men?

To begin: Goodnight Edward I. Koch, as colorful as Fiorello LaGuardia, and someone the city will truly miss, for his "no holds barred" chutspah ... or maybe it was just those suspenders! (1924-2013)

Born in the Bronx but raised in Newark, NJ, (graduated high school there), he spent 1941-46 in the U.S. Army, saw combat duty, exited with rank of Sergeant.

Law, school, lone practice, consumer advocate, Congressman, and then three time Mayor of NYC, Ed moved onto the People's Court (just after Wapner) then became the "lovable gadabout".

He wrote several books, more than one landing on the NY Times bestseller list.

But he was terribly bad luck for the Yankees! After his initial season (1978), the Yankees never saw another WS ring under his tenure as Mayor.

Most famous saying: How am I doing?

The official COD will likely be either pneumonia (as complication from) or just congestive heart failure.


RIP also to A Rod's Yankee career? (or MLB career?)

If proven, this will definitely invalidate his ENTIRE CAREER! (With the admissions of a few years ago, and exalted stats to protect, how could anyone believe they were achieved honestly if (IF) he still felt he needed to juice to compete?)

Over 555 years ago was the first "printing" of the proverb - - "A fool and his money are soon parted" ...

Let the new normal be "a fool and his juice are soon parted from the Hall of Fame".