Scientist say's asteroid may hit Fenway Park in the year 3745

I am sure most of you have heard about the meteor that hit Russia today and the asteroid that almost hit earth. Great day in space!

So how the heck could scientists be tracking the asteroid for years, know it was going to miss us and then completely miss the meteor that hits earth. What is up with that?

Now, another Scientist Birch McGunthers is stepping into the spotlight and is claiming that an asteroid could hit Fenway Park in 3745. He has no logical reasoning for statements, but he decided to speak his mind.

"It could happen. Did Russia plan on getting hit with a meteor? No. I once got hit with a Frisbee. Hit me right in the lips. Hurt like heck. The earth could be be hit in the big lips. Those lips could be in Boston." he added.

It is still unclear why he thinks Fenway is a target, but then again, Birch is a moron.