Sherlock Houses is on the case to find where A-Rod is hiding during rehab

Since we have nothing better to do, we hired an investigator to help find the secret location where A-Rod could be hiding. To find the best investigator, we used Bing search. The reason we used Bing is because no one else is using it, so we felt sorry for them.

Anyway, we came across an investigator who we feel is very qualified. His name is Sherlock Houses (Twitter name is @SherlockHouses1) and he has an online degree from Istanbul. We are assuming by his credentials that Istanbul is known for their investigating talent. Sherlock is almost fluent in one language, graduated 5th out of 4 students in his class for crawling on the floor and recently discovered a tree frog under his deck. By the way, Tree frogs are usually found in trees. We were also excited that Sherlock owns his own equipment. He has a magnifying glass, Fisher Price microscope, a string, long coat and hat and uses an English accent.

Needless to say, he has the it factor.

Sherlock's mission that he accepted before hearing the details, is to find Alex Rodriguez. Where is he? Where is this so called mystery rehab place? Those are the types of questions that need to be answered for the fan base. He explains his strategy.

"I will probably start looking at some cheesy Miami clubs and overly priced eateries. My plan is to find anything. Energy drink cans, towels, capri pants... basically anything A-Rod would be interested in. Then, I am going to start drilling the staff with questions. Who, what, when, why, where, what, how, why, who, where, where, where, why, who and what. Then, I will probably ask where again. That is how I will locate him." added Sherlock.

It is unclear how that approach will work, but Houses is an expert at solving mysteries like this.

"I get my confidence from the numerous Scooby Doo videos I watch. Love love love that dog." he added.

Sherlock said he will be tweeting a lot of his findings. Just follow Sherlock Houses for the latest clues and whereabouts of Arod. Twitter name is @SherlockHouses1

We will also keep you posted.